Affordable and cheap Christmas gifts and ideas for all your family and friends – all under $20!

Christmas presents and stocking fillers needn’t empty your wallet this year. We’ve found some amazingly cheap Christmas gift ideas for all your family and friends. We believe there is something for (almost) everyone on your list this holiday season, even if you’re on a budget. There are gift guides for Mom, Dad, the guys, kids, pets, and more. We’re confident you’ll be able to check off everyone on your nice list this holiday.
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Wireless Bluetooth Beanie - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Stop using uncomfortable headphones! Now you can effortlessly listen to your music through this wireless Bluetooth beanie. This stylish garment not only keeps your head warm, but it also comes with a small internal speaker so you can conveniently listen to your tunes.


Winter Cocktails Book - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Winter Cocktails Book

Turn the holiday season into a month long bender by sampling every delicious recipe found in the “Winter Cocktails” book. Inside you’ll find more than one hundred seasonal drinks perfect for cold weather like an Irish coffee, an old-fashioned, or hot buttered rum.


3D Moon Night Light - Cheap Christmas Gifts

3D Moon Night Light

Enjoy gazing at a dazzling full moon every night of the year by bringing this 3D moon night light into your bedroom. It features an accurate depiction of the moon’s surface and comes with two brightness settings that won’t strain your eyes in the dark.


My Two Cents Coins - Cheap Christmas Gifts

My Two Cents Coins

These “my two cents” coins are the perfect way to voice your opinion and help get your point across. Each brass coin in the set comes with a face value of 2¢ and is inscribed with a “ZFG” (zero fucks given) mint mark along with “United Stated of No Fucks” on the back.


Underwear Gloves - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Underwear Gloves

Keep your hands warm and toasty with these stylish underwear gloves. These fingerless underwear gloves look just like real underwear and are made from 95% cotton, giving a comfortable feel while you parade around with men’s underwear for gloves.


Cards Against Harry Potter - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Cards Against Harry Potter

Give your favorite card game a magical twist by sitting down for a rousing game of Cards Against Harry Potter. This download comes with five PDF files that contain everything you’ll need to make your own deck – complete with 387 black cards and 1,071 white cards.


Car Seat Caddy - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Car Seat Caddy

Keep your belongings from falling into the black hole located between your car’s seat and center console using this car seat caddy. It’s made from high quality PU leather and is designed to fit gap sizes between .75 -1.5 inches.


How High Am I Journal - Cheap Christmas Gifts

How High Am I Journal

Keep track of all the genius ideas, fleeting thoughts, and big questions that arise while flying high by writing them down in the How High Am I journal. This guided journal comes with a list of intriguing prompts and ample space to doodle and record your brilliant ideas.


Mass Water Balloon Loader - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mass Water Balloon Loader

Drown out your enemies in a barrage of water bombs with help from the mass water balloon loader. This ingenious product easily hooks up to a hose and fills up 100 automatically tying water balloons in just 1 minute! Your team will never be short on ammo again.


Automatic Beverage Chiller - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Automatic Beverage Chiller

Chill a room temperature canned drink in just 60 seconds using this compact automatic beverage chiller. Simply add a bit of ice, place the can in the main compartment, and watch in amazement as this battery operated appliance cools your drink in 1 minute flat.


Creepy Coin Eating Bank - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Creepy Coin Eating Bank

Teach your children the horrifying lessons of financial responsibility with the creepy coin eating bank. This traumatizing device features an anthropomorphic abomination that devours coins while the lifeless doll-like eyes stare directly into your soul.


Heat Sensitive Putty - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Heat Sensitive Putty

Perk up your drab day with a little color by playing with this heat sensitive putty. It features a unique chemical property that allows it to change color when it’s exposed to your body’s heat, and it can be pulled, bounced, stretched and torn.


Geeky Vincent Van Gogh Paintings - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Geeky Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Show off your fondness for the classics with these geeky Vincent van Gogh paintings. Each vibrant work of art displays a unique and vibrant mashup of geeky franchises like Star Wars or Super Mario Bros. painted in van Gogh’s iconic style.


Scratch And Sniff Wine Book - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Scratch And Sniff Wine Book

Become a world-class sommelier using this scratch and sniff wine book as your guide. It covers every facet of wine, from its basic components to more advanced lessons such as telling the difference between a Syrah and a Sangiovese.


Finger Loop Phone Grip - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Finger Loop Phone Grip

Butterfingers and pricey smartphones aren’t a good combination – that’s why you need this finger loop phone grip! It securely sticks onto your phone’s backside and comes with a flexible loop so you can easily run your finger through it.


What If Book - Cheap Christmas Gifts

What If Book

Get real scientific answers to the absurd hypothetical situations you’ve always wondered about by reading “What If?”. Written by former NASA roboticist Randall Munroe, it provides detailed answers to questions like “how much Force power can Yoda output?”.


Mac & Cheese Flavored Candy Canes - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mac & Cheese Flavored Candy Canes

This holiday season, treat your taste buds to these festively themed mac & cheese flavored candy canes. Each yellow-striped candy cane in this six piece set will make you feel like you’re digging into a creamy bowl of some delicious mac & cheese.


Butt Towel - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Butt Towel

Give friends a peek at your perfectly shaped ass by flashing them with the butt towel. This novelty towel is made from 100% cotton velour and comes imprinted with an outrageously comical cartoon butt  flashing everyone through the opening in the rear.


Oregon Trail Board Game - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Oregon Trail Board Game

Hitch up your wagons and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when you play The Oregon Trail board game. The classic computer game is back and better than ever with even more treacherous cattle crossings, and death by dysentery!


How Not To Be A Dick - Cheap Christmas Gifts

How Not To Be A Dick

Keep your hormonal mess of teen from turning into a total jackass by having him or her read “How Not To Be A Dick”. Author Meghan Doherty provides straightforward advice paired with comical “Dick and Jane” styled cartoons to teach everyday etiquette.


Santa Hat Flask - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Santa Hat Flask

Be naughty this year and have yourself a boozy little Christmas by celebrating the holidays with this Santa hat flask. This festive accessory features a detachable ten ounce plastic flask discreetly concealed within a zippered pocket.


Hidden Flask Mittens - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Hidden Flask Mittens

Battle the cold by staying warm in more ways than one using these hidden flasks mittens. Apart from shielding your fingers from the frigid weather, the left hand mitten comes equipped with a discreet three ounce flask you can sip from your thumb.


Spiky Massage Balls - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Spiky Massage Balls

Enjoy a soothing, pain-relieving massage from the comfort of home using these spiky massage balls. They’re designed to reduce tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles while providing you with a blissful deep tissue massage.


Travel Security Belt - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Travel Security Belt

Keep your valuables safe from pickpockets when you’re on-the-go by storing them inside this travel security belt. This fully adjustable and airport-friendly accessory comes with a concealed compartment along the belt’s interior that’s ideal for stashing what matters most.


Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light

Give your bedroom an ominous ambiance by channeling the Dark Side using this Kylo Ren lightsaber room light. It easily mounts onto the wall, emits realistic sound effects, and pulses in two stages while giving off a sinister red glow.


Magnetic Decision Maker - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Magnetic Decision Maker

Quit struggling with life’s hard choices once and for all by leaving them all up to the magnetic decision maker. You simply move the ball, release it, and wait for it to land on “yes”, “no way”, try again”, “definitely”, “maybe”, or the always popular “ask a friend”.


Quaffer Layered Shot Glasses - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Quaffer Layered Shot Glasses

Make your next shot more palatable by serving it in one of these Quaffer layered shot glasses. They’re constructed from thick weighted glass and feature a clever hourglass design that helps the alcohol and chaser remain separate until you down the shot.


Pogs And Slammers - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Pogs And Slammers

Relive the glory of the early ’90s all over again by introducing the addicting game of pogs and slammers to a whole new generation. This nostalgic kit comes with 100 brand newpogs featuring phat 90s artwork in addition to 2 metal slammers.


Game Of Thrones Tarot Cards - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Game Of Thrones Tarot Cards

Find a rich and meaningful path to divination by using these Game of Thrones tarot cards. They feature exquisite artwork that depicts the series’ characters, scenes, and stories in a style that’s true to the world of dragons and gratuitous nudity.


Cat Ears Self Defense Ring - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Cat Ears Self Defense Ring

Stay safe and fashionable by wearing this cat ears self defense ring. Available in either a silver or gold finish, this functional accessory sports a sturdy stainless steel construction along with two ear shaped spikes that will greatly amplify the power of your punches.


Christmas Stocking Flask - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Christmas Stocking Flask

After you’re finished filling the halls with boughs of holly, fill your liver with alcohol using this Christmas stocking flask. Shaped like Santa’s boot, it’s made from FDA approved food-grade plastic and can hold up to 2.25 liters of your chosen holiday spirit.


Dragon Wings Fidget Toy - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Dragon Wings Fidget Toy

Add some medieval flair to your fidgeting by keeping your hands busy with this dragon wings fidget toy. The spinner is crafted from high quality Zinc alloy and fitted with premium bearings to produce an extremely smooth and satisfying spin.


Smartphone Wind Blocker - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Smartphone Wind Blocker

Have clear conversations even during the windiest of days by using this smartphone wind blocker. This small accessory conveniently clips on to your phone or tablet and blocks out excess noise caused by wind when you’re chatting.


Cocktail Garden Kit - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Cocktail Garden Kit

Take your mixology skills to the next level with help from this cocktail garden kit. Using this kit, you’ll be able to grow up to six different herbs like blue boragee, lime basil, and mint, so you can top off your drinks with fresh and delicious ingredients.


The Drunken Botanist - Cheap Christmas Gifts

The Drunken Botanist

Become an expert on a wide assortment of potentially inebriating plants, flowers, and fruits by reading “The Drunken Botanist”. This bestseller examines fungi, trees, herbs, and plants that have been fermented and distilled to craft some of the world’s greatest drinks.


Kinetic Sand - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Kinetic Sand

This is unlike any sand you’ve ever played with before – kinetic sand is made up of 98% pure sand and 2% Polydimethyl siloxane – giving it a fun, unique, and easy to shape texture that provides endless hours of fun. It never dries out and is dust and allergen free.


Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves

Put Aquaman to shame by improving your performance on the water using these webbed fingers swimming gloves. Perfect for beginners – these silicone gloves slip over your fingers, allowing you to swiftly propel yourself through the water.


Star Wars Character Socks - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Star Wars Character Socks

Give any formal outfit a vibrant touch of geeky flair by putting on these Star Wars character socks. Decorated like your favorite characters, they features 200 needle count stitching in addition to reinforced heels and toes for a superb fit.


Mr. Meeseeks Dice & Dare Game - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mr. Meeseeks Dice & Dare Game

If you have a problem that needs fixing but don’t know where to start, leave it to the Mr. Meeseeks dice and dare game. Players take turns drawing request cards, then roll the dice to see if the request if completed, if not they have to perform embarrassing dares.


How To Live With A Huge Penis - Cheap Christmas Gifts

How To Live With A Huge Penis

Being hung like a horse is a curse few understand. Learn how to cope with your gargantuan gonzo with this helpful guide. It comes filled with prayers, daily affirmations, and thoughtful quotes to help manage day-to-day life with your magnum dong.


Mini Pool Table - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mini Pool Table

Just like with mini-golf, we are witnessing the birth of a new sport: mini-pool. This fun little mini pool table not only looks cool, but is a completely functional pool table complete with balls, sticks, a rack, and a stick sharpener.


3D Pin Art Toy - Cheap Christmas Gifts

3D Pin Art Toy

Stave off boredom old school style with this 3D pin art toy. This wildly entertaining board measures just 5 x 7 and comes with dozens of tiny little metal pins that you push on one side to create a cool three dimensional sculpture on the other side.


Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

Create a soothing and inviting atmosphere in any part of your home by turning on a Himalayan salt fire bowl lamp. Each six inch diameter bowl is hand carved from 100% Himalayan salt and is outfitted with a small bulb at the bottom that makes it appear as if the bowl is on fire.


Scratch And Sniff Whiskey Book - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Scratch And Sniff Whiskey Book

Impress friends with your impressive bar banter by turning yourself into a whiskey connoisseur with this Scratch And Sniff Whiskey book. It simplifies the complex world of whiskey into three simple categories so that anyone can become an expert in no time at all.


Color Wheel Umbrella - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Color Wheel Umbrella

Brighten up a bleak rainy day instantly by keeping yourself dry under this color wheel umbrella. The umbrella features an elegant wooden hook handle along with a vibrant rainbow motif that’ll turn heads wherever you go.


Soap Rocks - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Soap Rocks

Add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom’s decor using these soap rocks. Each visually striking rock features a swirl of vivid color combinations, along with a delightful geranium moss scent, and of course it helps moisturize your skin.


Wine Glass Holder Necklace - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Stop spilling your drink like a sloppy drunk during your next drinking binge by wearing with this wine glass holder necklace. A sturdy neoprene case nestles your glass, freeing up your hands as your glass securely dangles from the removable straps.


Mitten Beer Koozies - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mitten Beer Koozies

Enjoy a frosty brew without succumbing to frostbite by making sure you wear these mitten beer kookzies. These koozies comes expertly stitched and feature an innovative style designed to keep your hands warm and brew ice cold – making it ideal for outdoor drinking. 


Mermaid Fin Socks - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Mermaid Fin Socks

Transform your plain old human legs into a wonderful mermaid tail by wearing these mermaid fin socks. These vibrant polyester socks come emblazoned with an eye-catching graphic that creates the illusion of a lovely mermaid tail when you place your legs side by side.


Cocktail Kits - Cheap Christmas Gifts

Cocktail Kits

Concoct the perfect cocktail even if you’re nowhere near a bar by toting around one of these cocktail kits. The kit comes in a compact and fashionable tin which contains all the accouterments needed such as the recipe, bitters, sugar cubes, and a muddling spoon.


With these cheap gift ideas this Christmas needn’t be a burden on your wallet. Show your love in a totally materialistic way – with Christmas presents that are cute, funny, and cheap!
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