Easy Hair Curling Tutorial and Tips From The Pros

Simple Hair Curling Hacks
Super Simple Hair Curling Methods You Must Try

It’s fair to say that (almost) everyone knows if you sleep with braids you will wake up with curls. But here are a few quick and easy fixes for when you forgot to braid before sleep.

Air Drying for Better Curls

air dry hair for better curls
Air Drying for Better Curls [Image Source: thebeautydepartment.com]

Air dried hair is gorgeous just the way it is, but did you know that air drying can be nearly as beneficial as a styling product? When you blow your hair out before you curl, you pull your natural wave pattern out with heat. That means you’ve relayed the message to your hair, the cuticle and root that you want it straight. Even if you go in with hairspray {Read More} Read more…

Super Fast Pony Tail Curls

super fast pony tail hair curls
Super Fast Pony Tail Curls [Image Source: cosmopolitan.com]

Just because you’re rushed doesn’t mean you want to look like you DGAF. Check out this surprisingly simple yet super Read more…

Head Band Curls

savvy curls no heat headband hair curls
Head Band Curls [Image Source: thebestofbaby.com]

If you love curls, but hate curling (or don’t have the time) say hello to Savvy Curls headbands! This headband takes advantage of the heat coming off of your own head, so say goodbye to heat damage and hello to no heat curls! They’re soft and squishy, so you can comfortably sleep in them. Read more…

Hair Preparation and Rod Placement is Everything

tight bouncy loose natural hair curls
Hair Preparation and Rod Placement is Everything [Image Source: ebay.com]

Hold the curling iron or rod vertically for loose curls. If you want tighter, bouncy curls, hold the iron horizontally. If you want loose, more natural looking curls, let your hair air dry. If your end goal is volume Read more…

Easy Peasy No Heat Sock Curls

Waking up early to curl your hair in the morning can be a chore. It’s time consuming and the heat can really take a toll on your tresses. Wouldn’t you like to wake up with a head full of beautiful curls? Now you can with no-heat sock curls! Save the heat, save you hair, ditch the dryer. Read more…

Read more…

Awesome Overnight Curls

overnight hair curls with stocking
Awesome Overnight Curls [Image Source: foxinflats.com.au]

This unorthodox technique is a fail-safe winner. Before you head off to bed, tie your hair up in a high ponytail-safe winner. Before you head off to bed, tie your hair up in a high ponytail Read more…

How To Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

curl your hair with straightener
How To Curl Your Hair with a Straightener [Image Source: wikihow.com]

You don’t need to have a curling iron to curl your hair, a straightener will do. Wait WHAT? A STRAIGHTENER to CURL you hair? Yes, you read that correctly. Check out these easy-peasy steps Read more…

2 Ways to Lazy Heatless Curls using a Bun

Easy ways to curl your hair without heat, using a bun to get voluminous waves (created with a hair donut), or big curls created with pin-curl bun.
Read more…

Rag Roll Curls

curling iron rag roll hair curls
Rag Roll Curls [Image Source: abeautifulmess.typepad.com]

A quick and simple way to get natural looking curls without using a curling iron. Read more…

The Claw Clip Trick

claw clip hair curls
The Claw Clip Trick [Image Source: thebeautydepartment.com]

Some of you may already be using a claw clip to put your hair up at night, but are you using them the best way? Using just one to secure a bunch of hair has given me dents in the past, but the trick seems to be Read more…

No Heat Pin Curls

no heat pin hair curls
No Heat Pin Curls [Image Source: sevenclowncircus.com]

This is absolutely a fantastic curling method because it’s easy on the hair. And whatsmore, it’s so easy even a thirteen year old can do. Read more…

Easy Hair Curling Tutorial and Tips From The Pros
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